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Testimonials from some of our customers

You guys are the bomb!! I just received my did you get it to me so quickly!! Wow, I'm impressed. And thank you so much for figuring out what I needed, with the double order and all. Your customer service team goes above and beyond the call of duty! I have been working in the hotel business for thirteen years, and that is how it should be!!! -- Teri

Just wanted to mention I placed an order with you for the first time this week. Very pleased with the results! Prices were lower than previous supplier, and free shipping even. Most notable was the fact I placed the order on 4/1 and we had our shipment in house 4/3. I found a new supplier indeed. Keep up the good work. -- Thank You, Dana

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. This was the first time I have ordered through your company; it certainly will not be the last. I have a small home-based business, and although it was an extremely small order, I felt that you treated it with just as much importance as a large one. For that I thank you. -- Another satisfied customer.

Compliment to you all! First of all, my husband and I live in Germany working with our American Soldiers. It has been so difficult to order the EXACT supplies that I want. Most companies won’t mail to APO addresses, and if they do, the shipping costs are outrageous (which makes no sense at all). I was basically forced to place an order, have it shipped to my mother, and then have her ship it to me! Anyway, I want to give you all the highest praise for responding to my order so quickly (I placed the order just before I took my dog out for a walk, and by the time I got back you had responded twice to me). Secondly, I thank you for supporting rather than taking advantage of the civilian and military personnel who are stationed outside of the United States. There are simply certain supplies that one needs and cannot get the local economy or in the PX/BX (although the PX/BX do a very good job supporting us). I will most definitely refer you to others in the military and civilian community. I will also tell my mother about your wonderful service too for her 2 businesses. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I now have a new office supply company! ? -- Terri

"Wow!! I received this order in less than 24 hours. I know Columbus is pretty close but this is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the great service." -- Karen

"That was amazing! I got my order in less than 24 hours & even right before Christmas. I will certainly remember your site and pass the address on! It's unfortunate that you don't do much advertising - otherwise I may have considered using you all sooner, up until now, it had been or" -- Aaron

"I placed an order with you on Feb. 14 at around 9:00am and I received my order the morning of Feb. 15. Unbelievable! Why is this so unbelievable? I paid nothing for shipping, got the best prices on pens that I have seen, and did not request overnight delivery. I will recommend your website to others in my office, and I will use you again myself. Thanks for impressing me!!" -- Clark

"I just wanted to write to say: Wow! I ordered expecting delivery next week, but got in the next day, with no shipping charges and in perfect order! Bravo!" -- Jen

"I've placed two orders recently. Both arrived within 2 days. I frequently order over the internet. Your site is one of the best I've ever used, and your delivery capability is better than any I've ever used. I just want to thank you for running a site that is world class. I thought you might want to hear that. Thanks." -- Jerry

"I have never had a better internet buying experience. I buy a lot on-line, I always turn there first. My wife and I bought a mop at the California State fair 4 years ago, and finally it was time to replace it. Well, after all the cleaning products and bleach it was exposed to, there was no longer any markings on it, so I turned to the web looking for the "Wonder Mop" (as I call it). I found several web sites selling this product and I looked for the one I felt most comfortable ordering from (I don't order from sites that look "home made"). I found the mop I was looking for and you so kindly suggested I purchase an extra mop head to go along with it. I did just that. Three days later, UPS delivered my wife's new mop!I just wanted to say THANK YOU. That buying experience was more than I expected!!! Thank you again," -- Shawn

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